We are Abolitionists of Human Abortion.

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Our goal is to abolish human abortion through the gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to abolish human abortion, we preach that abortion is sin, and we exhort all Christians to be involved in abolishing this atrocity in our nation by being salt and light and calling for the immediate abolition of this great evil of child sacrifice.

For too long, the fight against the evil of abortion has been left to the professional pro-life movement, and the average Christian has simply voted every four years for political candidates they hoped would remedy this great evil in our midst. But, abortion is not a political issue: It is mass homicide.

It is a gross sin of murder of the most innocent neighbors among us. All Christians should seek abortion abolition because our preborn neighbors are being ripped limb from limb at the rate of 3,000 Americans every day in this country. That is the equivalent of 115 Sandy Hook Elementary School massacres EVERY Day in America.

Jesus commanded us to LOVE our neighbors as ourselves. God formed each of us in the womb - we don't magically become human at birth. James 2:26 suggests that is a human body is alive, even if it has only 2 or 8 cells, or 1 million cells, then a human spirit resides in that body, and that person is made in the image of God, and others may not murder that person (See Genesis 9:6).

All Christians know the Great Commission of Matthew 28. That charge Jesus gave is to go to all nations and TEACH them to observe whatsoever He commanded. He commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and in Proverbs 24:11-12, we are commanded to deliver those being drawn to death, and in Proverbs 31:8 we are to speak out on behalf of those appointed to destruction. Babies being aborted are being delivered to death; they are appointed to destruction, they are made in the image of God; they are our neighbors. Likewise, the mothers and fathers killing them are our neighbors, and we should not allow them to become murderers without standing in their way and urging them to repent.

For too long, Christians have subcontracted their responsibility to be salt and light to professionals like the Pro-life movement and the Crisis Pregnancy Centers (CPC's). But, abortion has continued unabated for 48 years since the first states legalized it in 1967. Over 57 million of our neighbors have been murdered since 1973, and the death toll climbs by 1.1 million every year in America.

Abortion is the leading cause of death in America, with more killed by it than by cancer or heart disease.

When will you stand with us?

If you are interested in studying more about abolitionism as it relates to human abortion in America today, please visit AbolishHumanAbortion.com or our North Idaho Abolitionist Society, which produces this program.