This Episode - POTUS 2016 Election - Who God Says To Vote For (Hint: NOT Trump)

The general election in the United States for 2016 is just around the corner, and as has happened every election for the past multiples of decades, Christian evangelical leaders in America have made suggestions to their flocks as to how to vote, and they have even endorsed candidates, without putting forth any single Biblical standard to guide the process. We'd go so far as to say they have not even presented a single text from the Bible to support their endorsements.

In fact, for the most part, national Christian leadership has not even been aware that there are standards in the scriptures for choosing qualified civil magistrates, nor have they even held a theological worldview that would incorporate Biblical standards for civil leaders, so that they have essentially had to make excuses for their endorsement of heathen scoundrels.

The primary motivations these Christian "leaders" have used to justify their ineptitude in these matters is the "politics of fear" - if you don't for such and such evil person or thing, then calamity will befall all of us. Their trust has apparently been in politics and man and pragmatism, rather than in God.

In this episode of Abolitionist Radio, we show you that there is actually extremely clear guidance in the Bible that instructs Christians in how they should choose leaders who would rule as civil magistrates.

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