Episode 2016_037 - Scott Herndon joins KYMS radio to speak about the initiative petition to abolish abortion in Idaho

On Wednesday, November 16, 2016, Abolitionist Radio host Scott Herndon appeared as a guest on the Post Falls, Idaho's KYMS morning show's Watchman Wednesday to talk about the Idaho initiative petition that will prohibit abortion in Idaho and treat it as first degree murder in the state's criminal code.

This is the first such legislation proposed in the state since 1973. In this episode, Scott talks about the legislation and discusses with the morning show hosts the path to abolition, which includes defiance of the unrighteous opinion of the Supreme Court opinions on abortion.

During the Watchman Wednesday segment, though you hear the hosts agree with the legislation, you can hear in their words and language as they discuss abortion, the infection of the unBiblical approach of the pro-life efforts of the last 44 years in America.

So, in this episode of Abolitionist Radio, we note the unBiblical parts of the conversation and make corrections to align the conversation to the scriptures.

As referenced in this episode: http://AbolishAbortionID.com

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