Episode 2016_038 - The recent Ohio legislation that would ban abortion based on detectable fetal heartbeat is a bad idea.

On December 7, 2016, the state legislature of Ohio passed as part of a child abuse bill, a statute regarding abortion that would essentially prohibit abortions if there is a fetal heartbeat. In the press, it was reported that abortions would be restricted at 6 weeks gestation and that most abortions would then be prohibited in Ohio.

In this episode of Abolitionist Radio we examine how this bill is a bad idea, represents a wrongheaded approach to the abortion holocaust, and because it is coming at the holocaust from with the wrong strategy, it will never actually take effect and will never prohibit any abortions.

We also contrast the paradigm of the heartbeat bill with the paradigm of abolitionist legislation.

As referenced in this episode: http://AbolishAbortionID.com

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