Episode 2016_039 - We interview Texas electoral college elector Art Sisneros about his reservations about voting for Donald Trump.

Art Sisneros has recently made national news in relation to his status as a Texas elector who has pledged to vote for the Republican for President that won the popular vote of Texas, Donald Trump.

But after becoming an elector, Art studied Article II and the 12th amendment of the US Constitution, read Federalist Paper #68 by Alexander Hamilton and spent a lot of time in scripture as to whether Trump is qualified to be a national leader in civil office.

Art's study presented three options to him - 1) Keep his pledge and vote in the electoral college for Trump on December 19, 2) Vote for someone else who is qualified, violating his pledge and becoming a "faithless elector", or 3) Vacate his position as an elector.

In this extended interview with Art, we find out how he worked his way through the analysis and came to a decision.

As referenced in this episode: http://theblessedpath.com

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