Episode 2017_002 - We interview attorney Bradley Pierce and abolitionist Wes Thomas about Texas state representative Tony Tinderholt's abortion aboiltion HB 948.

This past week Texas state representative Tony Tinderholt filed his Abolition of Abortion Act in the Texas House of Representatives. The bill is HB 948 and revises Texas Code to treat abortion just like any other murder of the born. The bill also calls explicitly for a defiance of any court that would interfere with the enforcement of the enacted legislation.

On this episode, abolitionists Bradley Pierce and Wes Thomas join us to discuss the bill, what it actually changes in the Texas state code, what the history of the bill is, who representative Tinderholt is, what are the next steps for the bill in the Texas legislature, and how folks in Texas and the rest of the country can help move this bill forward.

As referenced in this episode: http://www.AbolishAbortionTX.com

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