Episode 2017_004 - Idaho state senator Dan Foreman has said he will introduce a bill to the senate treating abortion as 1st degree in the criminal statutes. Neal Larson on 590 KID took this topic up on the 1/17/2017 show.

On January 17, 2017, the Neal Larson Show on KID 590 AM in Idaho Falls, Idaho, Idaho state senator Dan Foreman's 1st degree murder abortion bill was discussed by the hosts, and an informal poll of listeners was taken as to whether listeners thought abortion should be treated as 1st degree murder in state law.

Abolitionist Radio host Scott Herndon was also a guest on the show in an earlier hour of the program, so with the information Scott discussed with the host Neal Larson, Neal Larson and his co-host had their ongoing discussions.

We listen to the Neal Larson Show and interact with it on this episode of our Abolitionist Radio podcast.

As referenced in this episode: http://www.AbolishAbortionID.com

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