Episode 2017_008 - Mt. Pleasant General Baptist Church of Cottontown, TN sent a cease and desist letter to abolitionist Mike Gulley. An interview with Mike to explore his actions.

Lawyer J.B. (Jack) Freedle has mailed a cease and desist letter to abolitionist Mike Gulley, which, in the strongest terms, advises Mike that his abhorrent actions against Mt. Pleasant General Baptist Church in Cottontown, TN will result in his incarceration. Reading the letter, one wonders what terrible things the abolitionist has done to the church congregation, so on this episode we interview Mike Gulley to find out just what he did to elicit this response.

You can email lawyer Jack Freedle for his side of the story at jack@gallatinlawyers.com

To see the letter we read on this episode:

Click here for page 1.
Click here for page 2.
Click here for page 3.

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